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Peace. Tranquility. Energy. You.

Peace. Tranquility. Energy. You.


BURNT WAX CANDLES are created out of our pure love for aromatherapy, particularly candles. My mother Eva and I have always deemed ourselves as “unofficial scent experts.” On any given day, you could find a candle, oil diffuser, or a scented room spray setting the tone for the day in our homes. We believed that aromatherapy brought a sense of tranquility and calm during some of the most challenging times in our lives and provided the energy boost that we needed to deal with everyday life. We make sure to select fragrances for our candles that exhibit the love we have for life and the love that we have for others! 

Burnt Wax Candles are made with quality essential oils, vegetable/coconut wax blend, and we use a woven bamboo wick to ensure cleaner, longer burning. Our candles are approved by the Aroma Product Safety Standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).